Handicapped-Accessible Bikes

We’ll make something happen. We’ll get you riding! That’s our attitude at Bikes, Bargains, Etc. by Joe BikeLer. Our objective is to get you riding bike, no matter your age, size or ability. There’s no better feeling for us than to bring you the independence you crave. The freedom you can experience on a perfectly suited bicycle can be life-changing, as you discover the world around you in a new and exciting way.

We are eager to meet with special needs riders affected by mental or physical limitations. We’ll fit you with a comfortable, stable and easy-handling bicycle you can enjoy for years. We have options available in a variety of price ranges. We work with social service agencies and the Catch a Lift Wounded Warrior program, which provides funding to combat-wounded veterans for personal fitness equipment.

At Bikes, Bargains, Etc. we take the time to provide individualized service, learning about your special needs or the special needs of a loved one before recommending bicycle options. We have many different styles of bikes to choose from, including custom-built varieties and premade units by our top suppliers, like Sun and Trailmate.

Some of the most popular handicapped-accessible bike options are:

  • Side by side bicycles from Sun, in which two riders sit shoulder-to-shoulder and one or both riders pedal
  • Stabilizer kits — equipment added to traditional bikes for steadiness and balance
  • Recumbent bicycles from Sun and Trailmate, which provide stability and stable seating
  • Traditional trikes from Sun and Trailmate, perfect for bikers with balance issues
  • Hand-cycle bicycles from Sun, for riders needing to use their torso for power
  • Step-through bicycles with no cross bar, great for easy mounting and dismounting

We’ll even help you accessorize your bicycles with flags for visibility, plus cool mirrors, a bike horn and other snazzy add-ons just for fun.

To purchase a specialty bike to fit your needs or the needs of a loved one, call 920-822-2216 or visit Bikes, Bargain, Etc. at 410 E. Cedar St., Pulaski. We go out of our way to get you riding.